¡Beef Steakhouse Paradis anuncia la llegada del halal a su restaurante con entrecot y prime rib!

The arrival of halal at Beef Steakhouse Paradis

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The arrival of halal at Beef Steakhouse Paradis

Halal cuisine respects the precepts of Islam, particularly as regards the slaughter of animals. In France, the Muslim population is growing steadily, and demand for halal products is increasing.

Restaurants are adapting to this demand and offering more and more halal dishes. Such is the case of Le Beef Paradis Steakhouse, located at 10 rue de Paradis in Paris. This restaurant, which specializes in matured beef, now offers halal entrecôte and halal prime rib.

The range of halal products on offer in France is booming. Many restaurants, supermarkets and food shops now offer halal products. This development reflects the diversity of French society and the desire of consumers to be able to consume products that respect their values.

Beef Paradis Steakhouse is a must for halal meat lovers. The restaurant offers a selection of high-quality beef, matured for several weeks. The addition of these two halal dishes to the Beef Paradis Steakhouse menu is in response to growing demand from both Muslim and non-Muslim consumers. The restaurant’s aim is to offer a more diversified range of dishes to meet the expectations of all its customers. Meats are served with homemade fries, homemade mashed potatoes or grilled vegetables.

Beef Paradis Steakhouse is a warm and friendly restaurant, where it’s a pleasure to meet up and enjoy good halal meat.

Halal meat lovers, we look forward to welcoming you!