Le Beef Steakhouse le migliori patatine fritte del Marais?

Are Beef Paradis’ fries the best in the 10th arrondissement?

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Are Beef Paradis’ fries the best in the 10th arrondissement?

That’s what many customers of our Steakhouse restaurant at 10, rue de Paradis tell us. They regularly rave about the quality and freshness of our home fries

The reason is simple: our fries are prepared daily from Agria potatoes

We cut them into long sticks, then cook them once (blanching), before cooking them a second time just before serving, so that they’re soft on the inside and, above all, golden and crispy on the outside.

The advantage of Agria potatoes is that their flesh is firm, making them ideal for cooking. What’s more, our home fries are not too greasy, as the firmness of the flesh means they don’t absorb too much oil

Finally, at serving time, they are salted and well blended to obtain a harmonious quality. They are the perfect accompaniment to our exceptional meats, such as prime rib, as well as our homemade sauces, in which you can dip them with pleasure

In addition to their taste and crispness, the color of fries is also very important. It depends, of course, on the temperature of the oil and the cooking time. At Beef Paradis, we want them to be golden-brown, but a little more so, to achieve a slightly darker coloration, which we believe is the guarantee of perfect cooking

The art of the fresh fry is a top priority for us, because lovers of mature meats are also true lovers of fresh fries. Don’twait any longer!