Halal meat on offer for Ramadan

Beef Steakhouse Paradis: A Halal Meat Offer for Ramadan with a FREE drink

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The Beef Steakhouse Paradis, located at 10, rue paradis, 75010 Paris, is offering an exceptional range of halal meats throughout the Ramadan period, which this year runs from Sunday 10 March to Tuesday 9 April, to celebrate the end of the fast every day.

Every evening during this period, our meat restaurant in the heart of Paris’s 10th arrondissement will be offering high-quality halal beef at affordable prices.

Our Muslim friends will be able to break their daily fast once the sun goes down, by coming to our steakhouse to taste matured halal entrecôtes, halal Limousin beef ribs, our high-quality halal yellow chicken, a particularly tasty halal lamb rump steak and a melting halal beef fillet.

The Beef Steakhouse Paradis will be offering all those who celebrate Ramadan during this period a soft drink (Coca-Cola, orange juice, ice tea, Coca-Cola light, mango juice, apricot juice, etc.) with every order of one of our quality halal meats.

We know that right in the heart of the 10th arrondissement, we already have many Muslim customers who will be delighted to come and celebrate the breaking of the fast in the evening, with friends or family, over some good, certified halal meat. So don’t forget, dear friends, to ask our team for your free soft drink, which we will be delighted to serve you.