Le Beef Steakhouse le migliori patatine fritte del Marais?

Le Beef Steakhouse, the best fries in the Marais?

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Le Beef Steakhouse, the best fries in the Marais?

At Le Beef, 33, rue des Rosiers, 75004, right in the heart of the Marais, we’re big specialists in crispy home fries. Unlike most restaurants, we believe it’s vital to make our own fries, which we prepare every morning. With us, no frozen fries, no pickled fries, only fresh fries, made from the famous Agria potato

The Agria potato

This potato is indeed the most suitable for a perfect fry. Its very thin skin, which we keep, gives the fry a rustic feel. Its very firm flesh is perfectly suited to rigorous cooking. This firmness results in a fry that’s soft on the inside and crispy, and of course golden, on the outside. When you bite into it, it’s these two textures that give it all its quality. As this type of potato is firm, it absorbs very little oil. So our fries are less fatty and a little healthier!

Along with our homemade mashed potatoes, they’re the perfect accompaniment to the exceptional meats for which our steakhouse is famous: the mature entrecôte, the one-kilo prime rib to share with two, the juicy and tasty bavette, the ribeye or the tenderloin, all exceptional cuts of beef

These homemade fries are also the perfect accompaniment to our four homemade sauces, which accompany our mature meats every season. Feel free to dip them in or enjoy them plain. Making our own fries every day is part of the Beef Steakhouse DNA, and an essential part of our job as a true restaurateur. Fries must be well processed, and it’s their daily freshness at our premises that guarantees their quality. A good fry should be slightly more golden, meaning it should have been cooked at a high temperature, and have an appearance that makes you want to devour it. Served piping hot, they’re the perfect accompaniment and decoration to your mature meat dish, and will delight the taste buds of gourmets and meat lovers alike

To taste our fries: www.beef.fr/reservation