Le Beef Steakhouse Paradis est-il le meilleur steakhouse restaurant de viande à Paris 10 ?

Is Beef Steakhouse Paradis the best steakhouse restaurant in Paris 10?

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Since its opening in February 2023, Beef Paradis, located at 10 rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris, has undoubtedly become the new address for meat lovers in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. You’ll find an exceptional selection of meats, such as entrecôte, matured for six weeks, from France, côte de boeuf, matured for six to eight weeks, bavette, both tasty and juicy, and filet de boeuf of the highest quality

This quality meat is also available to halal meat lovers, as we have selected exceptional halal meats such as halal entrecôte, halal prime rib, halal hamburger steak and our famous farmhouse chicken, which is also halal

This meat restaurant, located in the heart of the 10th arrondissement in Paris, welcomes you in a warm and friendly setting where you can privatize rooms for your family or group meals

All our meat dishes are accompanied by homemade French fries, prepared daily and cooked twice to be served golden brown and very crispy. The mashed potatoes, also homemade, change taste with each season. As in all our meat restaurants, we offer a range of seasonal organic vegetables for vegetarians to accompany our meat eaters. There’s also a whole selection of homemade sauces by our chef, Daniel Renaudie

With over 100 seats, this exceptional restaurant sets itself apart from other establishments in the 10th arrondissement, welcoming over 200 meat lovers every lunchtime or evening

Our beef is exceptional because most of it comes from farmers located 1 hour from Paris, in the Sarthe region. It’s a steakhouse that offers you French beef, chosen to favor a short circuit

We can also say that Beef Paradis 75010 Paris is truly the best steakhouse in the 10th arrondissement, as our customers’ Google ratings prove, with an average score of 4.7/5. This is the best score for a meat restaurant in Paris 10

You can reserve your table directly on our website: beef.fr or by phone on 01 47 70 62 61

With us, you’re sure to find the best meats in Paris’ 10th arrondissement.