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Discover the calories meat according to its pieces

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race a viande cru le beef paris marais
Meat is an excellent source of animal protein and calories, with a balanced amino acid composition. They represent on average 20% of the total weight of the product. What about meat calories according to the pieces, this is what we will see together. With the most meat calories Red meats contain more fat than the […]

All about Black Angus prime rib

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vache black angus
Do you know the Black Angus beef rib? At The Beef, we offer you the opportunity to taste or re-taste this unique quality meat, prepared with care by our experienced chefs! The well-kept secret of the tenderness of Black Angus meat Many meat lovers have already tried it and we know you are curious. The […]

History of steakhouse in France

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A true institution created in the 19th century in the State of New York in the United States, the steakhouse is a type of restaurant that puts meat, generally beef, in the spotlight. Its arrival in France in 1870 was to throw a spanner in the works of traditional family restaurants. We tell you about […]

The steakhouse: 5 things to know

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barbecue steakhouse le beef paris marais
If you’re a real beef and meat restaurant fan, you’re probably used to going to these restaurants offering generous portions of perfectly cooked meat, usually with gravy and potatoes. The steakhouse or meat restaurant is an institution from the land of the Yankees. We tell you all about the steakhouse and we are sure to […]

Beef breeds: everything you need to know

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Do you like real beef steaks, such as entrecote or bavette, to be enjoyed with friends in a proper steakhouse? You probably do if you read these lines about meat breeds. At Beef, we attach great importance to our dishes, as our exceptional meats are matured. The choice of meat breed is also an important […]

Do you (really) know the entrecote? 5 things to know

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barbecue steakhouse le beef paris marais
All tastes are in nature. Some people swear by flank steak, others prefer spider steak, but as a general rule, all meat lovers melt in front of a melting entrecote! Our steakhouse in Paris – Le Marais (75004) has made it a point of honour to sublimate it. We tell you everything about entrecôte! 1 […]

Meat restaurants in the Marais in Paris: the Top 6

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meilleurs restaurants marais
Meat eaters from France and abroad, head for the centre of the capital to enjoy top quality meat. You won’t find a Burger King in the Marais, but instead a selection of restaurants combining quality, hospitality and cosy surroundings. Let’s go for our six favourites! L’aller-retour Marais This meat restaurant, which opened in 2010, has […]

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