In the Marais in Paris, rediscover the unique charm of the Rue des Rosiers!

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Rue des Rosiers was created in the Middle Ages. Its name comes from the presence of numerous rose bushes in the gardens of the district. The Templars brought the first Jews to the area. They gave it its Yiddish name: Pletzl, which can be translated as Marais. The district developed afterwards and quickly became famous for its famous kosher butcher shops. To find out more about the history of this mythical street, click here!

A pedestrianised and paved street with a village atmosphere

Rue des Rosiers has always been a lively street. This is due to a never-failing effervescence and dynamism. However, a major turning point occurred in 2006. After much gnashing of teeth by local residents and shopkeepers during the months-long works, the street became pedestrianised. This is when its colourful and unique atmosphere really catches the eye. Just stroll down this 300-metre street at any time and you will feel an atmosphere that is very different from other parts of Paris. Especially in the evening or at the weekend, you almost feel like you’re in the middle of a village in Israel!

A unique charm with its shops and restaurants

For shopping as well as for lunch or dinner, Rue des Rosiers has many assets. When it comes to shopping, there is something for everyone: ready-to-wear, bakeries, pastry shops, delicatessens… And when it comes to eating, the choice is truly plethoric. Of course, you won’t find any Burger King type fast food here. The “aces” of falafels follow one another in the street, but many other options are available, such as creperies or several bistros offering meals on the spot or to take away.

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