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All about Black Angus prime rib

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Do you know the Black Angus beef rib? At The Beef, we offer you the opportunity to taste or re-taste this unique quality meat, prepared with care by our experienced chefs!

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The well-kept secret of the tenderness of Black Angus meat

Many meat lovers have already tried it and we know you are curious. The very mention of its name makes gourmets salivate. But why? This meat, classified by gastronomes as one of the best, owes its exceptional taste to its marbling. The marbling of the latter, made of fat infiltrated into the muscles in the manner of small veins, gives the pieces their tenderness, juiciness and flavour. But be careful! It is not fatty, but you will discover that once you have it in your mouth… Prepare your taste buds because its marbling will turn your head with its floral and herbaceous notes.

But where does this very special meat come from?

The “Black Angus” breed of cattle was recognised in 1835 and originates from the north-east of Scotland, more particularly from Aberdeen.

This type of cattle is in fact a cross between the Celtic cow and the bull, imported into Scotland by the Normans. You can recognise the Black Angus breed by its soft, rounded shape and especially by its black colour! Raised in the open air, Black Angus cows feed on pasture.

vache black angus

Good to know: the Black Angus is a very docile and calm breed, which is reflected in the taste and tenderness of its meat.

Black Angus meat is known for its tenderness and unique flavour. This meat is made of a perfect marble, and this is what gives it such a rich flavour.


Black Angus: authentic and healthy breeding!

Black Angus cattle are small in size, with very fine limbs and bones, and therefore have very good development capabilities. Raised in the open air, and feeding mainly on pasture grass (in winter, they eat hay and cereals), the emblematic cut, the Black Angus rib of beef, is a great success!

The Black Angus rib of beef can accompany you during your summer meals, as well as in winter! A joy to devour!

Come to the Beef Restaurant, taste this unique matured meat that will leave you with a sweet memory and the desire to come back!